Weight Loss Pills and Supplements

There are a wide variety of weight loss supplements. They come in various forms, brands and methods of usage. Weight loss supplements have their own advantages and disadvantages, and one should choose the most appropriate weight loss supplement that suits his/her lifestyle. Weight loss supplements can also have side effects, so it is important that you read the label and consult your physician before taking any of them. The most popular weight loss supplements are Ephedra, Adiponectin, Meridia, Phentermine and Hoodia. recenzii idealica has been banned in the United States because of the health hazards it causes.

Weight loss supplements come in different forms such as tablets, capsules, liquid suspension, powders, teas, etc. The cost of weight loss supplements also differ with the type of ingredients, quantity and the quality of the pills in a particular bottle. Most supplement companies supply enough weight loss supplements for a month and charge $40 to more than $60 per bottle containing a certain amount of weight loss supplement. Most of these companies do not have doctor’s recommendations or any other proof about their products’ effectiveness. Most of the diet pills available over the counter contain ephedrine, nicotine, caffeine and other harmful chemicals.

Prescription drugs are often used in weight loss supplements because they increase the metabolism and reduce the food intake without reducing the calorie intake. Most of the people feel that taking prescription drugs may lead to addiction and thus are against the ethics of the use of weight loss supplements. However, obesity is a result of lack of proper diet, healthy exercise and balanced meals. It becomes difficult to control calories on one’s own. A healthy combination of a balanced diet, regular exercises, protein-rich foods and proper medication can provide effective assistance in reducing weight.

Most of the FDA approved fat burner supplements contain ephedrine. Ephedrine is made from the plant Ephedra sinica, which is native to the regions of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The main ingredient in most of the fat burners is ephedrine and a few other ingredients such as caffeine, guarana, soy extract, glycerin, potassium, guarana seed extract, orange peel, dextrose, sodium bicarbonate, calcium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate, potassium methyl ester and carboxymethane. The main active ingredient in Ephedra is ephedrine, while other ingredients may also be included in the formula but are not approved by FDA.

Some of the well known national institutes such as Harbor University, Wilkes-Barre University and the University of Texas, Dallas have conducted clinical trials on different types of dietary supplements and their effectiveness on reducing weight. In the present day, weight reduction supplements such as Ephedra-warn has been banned by FDA, as it has been found to cause several health problems. Some other dietary supplements have also found their way to the market, despite the ban by FDA. People resort to these dietary supplements for maintaining their favorite weight, without the worry of jeopardizing their health.

Different supplements available in the market include Hoodia Gordonii, which are a natural appetite suppressant; orlistat, which regulates serotonin levels in the body; and green tea, which is believed to burn calories and reduce cholesterol. Other ingredients that make these supplements effective include bitter orange, gingko biloba, and garcinia cambogia. Bitter orange is used to control high blood pressure and to prevent strokes. Gingko biloba increases the energy levels in the system and prevents fat accumulation, while garcinia cambogia has an anti-aging effect.

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